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USA Millionaire Raffle

Around the world there are a variety of lottery games that are named the “Millionaire Raffle” for example in the USA states such as Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Florida and many more each have a state lottery called a “Millionaire Raffle”.

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Qatar Millionaire Raffle

Also in the country of Qatar, which is is a sovereign country located in Western Asia – there is also a country wide lotto game known as the Qatar “Millionaire Raffle” with a prize of $1,000,000. The USA Millionaire Raffle state lotto games have a different jackpot prize from state to state but they start at around $1,000,000.

UK and Ireland Millionaire Raffle

In the UK and Ireland there is also a “Millionaire Raffle” game with a £1,000,000 prize twice a week. It seems that around the world the Millionaire Raffle games are all about giving away 1,000,000 – be it in USD or EURO or GBP.

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Increase Your Chances – Play Online Syndicates

Whatever the currency, having a million in the bank sounds good to us! If you want to play one of these lotto games online it can be done in various ways but the best and most recommended way is to join an online Millionaire Raffle syndicate, in order to increase your chances of winning the jackpot prize and in order to pay less and get more tickets at the same time.

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