An Engineer from Singapore Wins Powerball Prize of $50,000 After Buying Tickets Online

Singaporean Wins USA Powerball Lottery

Players of online lottery are having fun this year because of being very prosperous, particularly when playing the Powerball. The newest player who made a huge win is an Engineer from Singapore called ‘S’ who was a winner of a Powerball prize of $50,000.

The 4 key digits and the Powerball were matched by S. and he came very close to winning the $420 million jackpot lottery.

S. remarked, ‘I was anticipating more.’ He then laughingly states that it is still an awesome amount!’ He gave this information to his online lottery ticket company representative who contacted him to tell him about his win.

‘In actual fact, I simply saw the winning digits on the internet; therefore, I believed I had something. However, upon checking, I discovered that I had truly won, 4+1 rather than 5+1. However, it’s all good!’

Experienced Player Makes Huge Win

Previously, S. has experienced a lot of wins; however, of course, this was the hugest one ever. ‘I attempted to discover the most ideal manner of playing lotteries; therefore, I found out that an online lottery ticket provider service provides such kind of service such as purchasing tickets for the clients when playing outside the states they reside. Therefore, this is actually how I began.’

How were Winning digits chosen by S.?

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S. stated that at all times he purchases single entry tickets, mainly for the leading lotteries in America and Europe, particularly when huge jackpots are present.

According to him, he had chosen a group of digits for Powerball and played them for three weeks in a row. ‘You are able to envision something and then perhaps your vision will become a reality,’ remarked S. about his huge win.

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