A Man from Neenah Bags $1.9 Million from a Megabucks Ticket Prize Jackpot


Since 1934, the modern era lottery business in the United States has been sky-rocket. The lottery business seems to be growing more and more with every passing year in the country. As of now, lottery is being played in majority of the US states while there are only 6 states where it is not legal.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on the purchases of the lottery tickets while billions are given out in the form of prizes. This number just keeps on growing as the number of lottery prize winners keeps on rising with its demand.

Although the current year has been cruel on the entire world’s economy due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, lottery business in the U.S. has been least affected by it.

In the running year all previous records of prize winning jackpots have been broken. One player even won more than $1.5 billion in the United States while many more continue to win millions.

Another winning was reported by the Wisconsin Lottery when a person from Neenah ended up winning $1.9 Million. The player was fortunate to have had the jackpot winning ticket for the Megabucks lottery. Megabucks is powered by the Wisconsin lottery is available to the residents of Wisconsin only.

The player won the $1.9 Million prize from the Megabucks’ Wisconsin Lottery draw that took place on 5th of September. The lucky ticket was sold by the Mobil West store that is located on 1340 Gillingham Road in Neenah. Neenah is a city from the Wisconsin State and is based in the Winnebago County.

The name of the Megabucks prize winner of $1.9 Million is Leonard Mcilhone. Leonard informed the media that he has been a long-time player of the Megabucks lottery.

The player has already his prize money and is planning to take an early retirement that he was going to get in just two weeks.

The last Megabucks jackpot was claimed by a man from Merrillian who won a $10.7 million prize from the Megabucks draw held on the 25th of April, 2020.

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