Lucky UK Ticket Holder Comes Forward to Claim Massive EuroMillions Prize


The EuroMillions draw on Friday, September 2nd, had an eye-watering jackpot of £110 million and it had been won by a ticket holder from the United Kingdom.

Winner claims prize

Now it appears that the winner of the £110,978,200.90 prize has come forward to claim it. However, Camelot, which runs the National Lottery in the United Kingdom, will have to verify the claim first.

Andy Carter from Camelot, who is the National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Adviser, said that the news was just incredible and they were pleased to have gotten a claim.

He said that their goal was to now assist the ticket holder in going through the claims process in order to ensure they can start enjoying their life-changing win.

If their claim is verified, the lucky winner would become richer than singer and actor Harry Styles, who has a net worth of about £80 million.

They would also become richer than Daniel Radcliffe, who was able to earn £95 million after working in the Harry Potter movies.

The winner would also have enough money to purchase two townhouses in Mayfair in London worth £55 million, with each of them boasting plunge pools, steam-rooms, fully-equipped chef’s kitchens and cinema rooms.

Other EuroMillions winners

It should be noted that there have only been 15 players in the United Kingdom who have managed to win a prize of £100 million in the EuroMillions draw in the lottery’s history.

This winner will now become the 16th player to have won a jackpot in the EuroMillions draw of more than £100 million.

This is also the fifth EuroMillions jackpot of more than £100 million to have been won in the United Kingdom this year.

It comes after the biggest-ever National Lottery prize win on July 19th, which was £195 million that had been claimed only a day later.

Before that, the biggest prize had been £184 million, which had also been won in the EuroMillions draw on May 10th.

It had been claimed by a Gloucestershire couple named Joe and Jess Thwaite, who had decided to go public with their win.

Other than these record-breaking wins, there had been another prize worth £109 million that was won in the EuroMillions draw on February 4th and had been claimed a couple of days later.

This year alone has seen ticket holders of the EuroMillions draw collect more than £650 million in jackpot prizes.

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