Wiltshire Lottery Player Wins EuroMillions Prize


A mystery woman from Wiltshire became a millionaire overnight, after she won a huge prize in the EuroMillions lottery draw.

Overnight millionaire

The local from Wiltshire was recognized as Mrs. F and she won the UK Millionaire Maker that allowed her to walk away with a whopping prize of £1 million in the draw conducted on August 9th.

Before her, there was another lucky lady from Wiltshire, who is known as Ms. M, who was able to land a prize of £300,000 a couple of months ago in an instant win game.

Winners have the freedom to decide if they want to disclose their identity to the public, or wish to remain anonymous.

Mrs. F had chosen to go for partial publicity and reveal only a few details about her identity. She is one of more than eight million players who participate in the range of games organized by the National Lottery.

Camelot’s response

The National Lottery’s Senior Winners Advisor, Camelot’s Andy Carter congratulated Mrs. F for her huge win in the EuroMillions draw that helped her become a millionaire.

He said that she can now use her windfall for making new memories. Earlier this year, the biggest ever prize in the EuroMillions draw of £184,262,899 had been claimed by a couple from Gloucester.

UK players are issued a UK Millionaire Maker code for every line they play in the EuroMillions lottery draw.

The code is printed on their ticket, which means that there is a millionaire in every draw. According to the National Lottery, more than £30 million is generated by the players every week for projects.

The National Lottery Good Causes has managed to raise about £46 billion so far and they have awarded about 67,000 individual grants for now.

Latest draw

The latest draw of the EuroMillions lottery is now scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 30th. The jackpot for the draw is a whopping £94 million.

The draw is scheduled for 8:45 p.m., but people can buy tickets till 7:30 p.m. In order to win the jackpot, players have to match the five main numbers and the two lucky star numbers.

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