Winner of EuroMillions Lottery Threatens to Sue Camelot


Hailing from Edinburg, Jane Park was just 17 when she landed the EuroMillions jackpot worth £1 million back in 2013. Now, she is 26 and revealed that she thinks winning the jackpot was kind of a ‘twisted fairytale’.

Its gambling

According to Jane, people use the term ‘playing’ when they refer to the lottery, but it is not playing at all. Instead, she said that it was just like gambling.

Therefore, she finds it baffling that the same legislation that applies to gambling is not applicable in the case of the lottery.

She said that lottery advertisements should be aired in the evening later and children should not be exposed to them.

Unexpected changes

When 17-year old Jane won the EuroMillions lottery, her life had changed unexpectedly and it was not a good change.

This was because strangers began hounding her for money relentlessly. She said that people would ask her questions about winning a million pounds and if she could lend them money.

They also asked her what she was doing with her winnings. According to Jane, it has been years since she won, but she still gets requests for money.

She revealed that parents of terminally ill kids ask money for life-changing surgery and university students ask her to sponsor their education.

She added that the strangers threatened violence when she did not give them a positive response.

Different route

There were also people who tried to use different tactics to get her money. She had people showing up at her doorstep and asking her to be their girlfriend.

She revealed that she also got a lot of marriage proposals and would receive one on a weekly basis. She said that these people were only interested in her money and not her.

Earlier she had also threatened to sue Camelot, which operates the National Lottery in the United Kingdom.

She said that they need to implement stronger rules and regulations relating to minors who participate in the lottery.

There was a response from the Department of Media Culture and Sport. A spokesperson said that they had already made changes to the law for protecting young people from gambling risks.

After the changes, the minimum age for participating in the National Lottery is 18 and above and no longer 16 and above.

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