Irish Lotto – All You Need to Know

UK49s Online Lottery Sign UpThe Irish Lotto is the national lottery of Ireland. This has made a number of Irishmen millionaires providing them with the money with which they can fulfill their dreams – be it to afford a new home, proper education, travel the world, participate in charities or just drink Guinness all day – it is the winner’s choice!

How to Play the Irish Lotto?

The Irish Lotto is a simple game that can be fun. You have to pick six numbers ran

Irish Lottery Results, News and Winning Stories
Irish Lottery Results, News and Winning Stories

ging from 1 to 47. Then, at each draw, there are six random numbers drawn, including one extra number for a bigger chance of positive result. The minimum plays in Irish Lotto are two panels per draw that costs €4. Additional panels can be played for €2 per panel. The minimum amount of money for the jackpot is €2 million and rolls up from there if it is not won. The draws occur live on RTE television at around 8 pm every Wednesday and Saturday.

Three Ways to Play the Irish Lotto Game

The first one is the most preferred where you pick your own numbers and mark the play slip with them in each panel you want to play. Then, if you want to give out your destiny completely on chance, there is the quick pick option in which you can have randomly selected numbers. This saves your time and makes the game even more exciting. You can ask for a quick pick in any Irish Lotto retailer, meaning the National Lottery Agent. There is another choice in which you just mark the quick pick box in your panels of the play slip. The third and final option is to play online. This is also meant to save your time as you can do it anywhere. The Irish Lotto game has an app [android | itunes] so it can be in your phone for greater convenience.

Playing Online

Playing online is a comfortable choice in which you can follow everything that is happening and never miss a draw. Your numbers can be saved automatically and checked automatically. The play slip looks like the same play slip you will get form the local National Lottery Agent and the filling out is easy. Key in your 1 to 47 choices or select the quick pick box. The convenience of playing online is the fact that your previously selected numbers are also there so you can build strategies and adjust your numbers in a more detailed manner.

Lotto Advance Play

The Irish Lotto Advance Play is the option which gives you the chance to play up to a month’s worth of Irish Lotto draws in advance. This is a very convenient option for those who are going away and can’t afford to get their tickets from anywhere, including online. After ticking the advance play box, you will get two, four or eight draws depending on whichever suits your interest best.

If you have the lucky results, then you have to show your ticket in order to claim the great prizes of Irish Lotto. Your ticket is the only valid record when claiming the prize with the winning result so make sure you save it and not lose it!