Location of Irish Lotto’s Big Winner on Saturday Confirmed


The Irish Lotto draw was conducted on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022 and the location of the big winner in the draw was recently confirmed by officials of the National Lottery.

The officials are now urging all those who participated in the Irish Lotto to check their tickets.

The winners

The winning numbers for Saturday night’s Irish Lotto draw were 02, 09, 14, 25, 28 and 38, while 27 was the bonus number.

The biggest winner from the draw on Saturday night draw is a lucky punter who is from Killbeggan in Co. Westmeath.

The lucky player was able to match the five numbers in the main draw to win a prize of €134,357.

The winning Quick Pick ticket had been bought on the date of the draw in Co. Westmeath at John Whelan’s newsagent located on Main Street, Killbeggan.

However, it should be noted that there were no winners for the Irish Lotto jackpot worth €2,431,446, but there were a total of 97,000 players who were able to win prizes in the Lotto as well as Lotto Plus draws.

The jackpot for the next Irish Lotto draw scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th will now roll to approximately €2.8 million.

The details

The National Lottery officials are now advising that the Westmeath winner should now sign the back of their ticket, as it is worth €134,357 and it should be kept in a safe place.

The winner can claim the prize by getting in touch with the prize claims team of the National Lottery via phone, or email.

Since the 1950s, Whelan’s newsagents have been part of the local community of Kilbeggan and it has also requested its local customers to take a look at their tickets, as one of them might be the big winner.

The owner, John Whelan, said that it was great news for those in Kilbeggan and said that the call had come in after the draw on Saturday night.

He added that the buzz was spreading throughout the town and it was good news for everyone. He also said that a steady stream of people had been coming into the shop to check their tickets.

He said that they were hoping the winner had realized by now that the ticket in their possession is very valuable. He also disclosed that the last time they had solid a ticket that won the Lotto jackpot was back in 1996.

The owner said that they wanted to believe that they were now due for another win and since they are a local community shop, they are delighted that someone has won.

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