A CA$100,000 Prize Winning Ticket Sold in Collingwood


The OLG Lottery is back with an announcement related to one prize that is still unclaimed. The OLG Lottery officials are eager to find the player so they can congratulate him in person and hand him over the prize money.

This time, the OLG Lottery is trying to find the winner of the Encore – Lotto Max winner. It has been confirmed that the lottery prize is for $100,000 and is yet to be claimed. There are currently two prizes that are unclaimed for the same amount but the lottery is looking for the winner in Collingwood.

The lottery officials have revealed that the draw for the particular game was held on February 25, 2021. The lucky numbers that were drawn from the particular draw were 5-8-5-4-7-8-3. As a result, the lottery officials are now looking for the player in Collingwood.

The OLG Lottery team has confirmed that the lucky ticket managed to match 6 out of 7 numbers and ended up winning a prize. Now, the winner of the prize money has a time period of one year from the draw date to claim the prize.

As the number of players keeps increasing in the OLG Lottery games, so does the number of unclaimed prizes. As the number of unclaimed prizes increases, the players start growing discontent about the prizes. People started questioning the authenticity of the lottery games, whether they are legitimate or illegitimate.

This is the reason why the OLG Lottery is anxious for the players to turn up and claim their prizes before they expire. When the players turn up to claim their prizes, the lottery officials get the opportunity to know their story and experience.

These stories tend to work as inspiration and motivation for the rest of the lottery playing community. These stories are the very reason people continue playing games and hope that they would also end up winning the prizes.

If one has won a prize at the OLG Lottery, then they need to fill up information on the back of the ticket and sign it. The winners are also required to contact the OLG Lottery operators at 1-800-387-0098 in order to set up a visiting appointment.

The lottery officials at the OLG Lottery are now limiting the number of visits for prize claims at the Toronto OLG Prize Claim Center.

The players that have won a prize of $50,000 or more are required to call and set up an appointment. The reason why the visit is important for the high prize-winning players is because they are required to give a face to face interview for their winning and experience.

If the players want to check they have won something or not, then they can do it through OLG.ca.

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