A Couple of Eagle Vale has banked $100,000 Through “The Lott”


The Lott is here to share the winning story of a couple from Eagle Vale. As per the lottery officials, the couple now has $100,000 extra in their account that they are figuring out how to use. The lottery team is really excited about the $100,000 win that the couple has claimed from their head office.

The Lott team has revealed that the lucky $100,000 prize-winning ticket was for the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot. The Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot is one of the most played, loved, and demanded lottery games ever introduced by The Lott.

The lottery team has confirmed that the couple is from Eagle Vale, which is in NSW. The couple was blessed with a $100,000 prize win through the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw. The draw for the particular game was held on Monday, March 22, 2021.

In order for The Lott team to reach out to the prize winners, they need to have their contact information shared, which is available only when the players registered their win through The Lott portal.

As the couple had never registered the win, the lottery team had no way of contacting them. This also meant that the couple had no idea whether they had won a prize or not.

As soon as the lottery team received the notification of the contact information being added, they called the couple and informed them of the win right away.

The couple was really happy about their win and could not believe they had actually won given the fact it was their first time playing lotteries. The couple informed the officials during an interview that prior to this, they had never played lottery games.

However, the husband woke up and told his wife that he had dreamed that he had won $10,000 from the lottery game. The couple laughed it off thinking it was just one of those dreams that always remain a dream.

But as the couple entered their regular shop “Eagle Vale Newsagency”, the idea just popped up in both their minds. So the husband ended up purchasing a ticket for the Lucky Lotteries game, hoping that even if the dream comes half true, they will have some good money in hand.

To their surprise, they did not know that they would end up winning a division one prize that would give them $100,000. The best thing about the lottery games in Australia is that there are no taxes on them. This means that the couple now has $90,000 or $95,000 more than what they had expected to win.

The particular store where the couple had purchased their $100,000 prize-winning ticket is located at Shop 6, Eagle Vale Marketplace Corner Eagle Vale Drive.

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