A Generous Couple from Grovedale won $800,000 from Lotto Prize


The Lott is here to share the store of a lucky couple that has won almost a million-dollar prize through the Lott. The lottery officials have revealed that the couple is from Grovedale and are now all set to enjoy their lives having almost a million-dollar prize in their account.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the lucky couple had purchased the ticket for the Lotto game that is powered by “The Lott”.

The lottery team has revealed that the ticket that the couple had purchased was for draw number 4067, which was held on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

The Wednesday turned the luckiest for the couple as they ended up winning the division one prize of $800,000. It is completely up to the couple whether they would like to keep it all together in their account or split it and keep it in their individual accounts.

The lottery team has revealed that the $800,000 prize won by the couple is 1 out of 5 division one prizes that are worth the same amount.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the couple from Grovedale had purchased the $800,000 prize-winning ticket from Gladstone Park Lotto & Service Center.

The particular that sold the $800,000 prize-winning ticket is located at Shop 165, Gladstone Park Shopping Center, 8-34 Gladstone Park Drive, Gladstone Park.

The Lott officials have stated that they are honored to have interviewed the couple and were surprised what the couple had in mind about the winning.

The couple informed the lottery officials that they were surprised to see that they had won an $800,000 prize playing the Lott. The couple revealed that they only came to know about the prize win when they received an email from The Lott officials.

That is when they checked their email and were completely taken by what they had seen. The couple stated that this is the first time they have won something and were shocked to see they had won so much.

The wife stated that the second they were confirmed of the won, she started crying. She was unable to control her happiness and all of it came down with her tears. She cried the entire day but she was also very glad that they had won such a huge prize.

The couple stated that the last year has been really bad for people all around them. Whether it is their relatives or friends, they have also suffered due to the pandemic.

This is where they have received the huge surprise of winning $800,000. The couple informed the officials that they only intend to keep $100,000 for themselves. The rest of the amount will be given away to their relatives and friends.

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