A Group of Eight Players Get to Split $2 Million Prize Won from “The Lott”


The Lott is back and this time, the announcement is more exciting than many would have imagined in the first place. The lottery officials are excited to announce that it is one of the rarest cases where more than one player ends up sharing the same amount.

Even when there is a prize split, it is among a couple of players or a maximum of three. But in the case of this particular wine, there are eight lucky players that have won $2 million, and now, they will be splitting it equally.

The Lott officials have revealed that these eight players are the luckiest as they recently formed a syndicate to play “The Lott”. Among all players, the main credit goes to the woman from Newborough who convinced seven of her colleagues from work to form a team.

When it comes to lottery games, the majority of the people like to play games individually, as most of the people do not like sharing their wins. However, forming a syndicate when playing lottery games is extremely beneficial and advantageous.

It was the woman who had all the players participate in the game and finally, they were able to win huge prize money. The lucky syndicate has managed to win $2 million playing the TattsLotto game. TattsLotto is a highly regarded game that belongs to the lottery draw category.

According to “The Lott” team, the syndicate was formed of a total of eight colleagues. Surprisingly, one of the members who was not convinced to play lotteries initially was the one who ended up winning the $2 million prize through his ticket.

The entire syndicate is extremely excited that they were able to win the game and plan on carrying on with their players for the lottery games.

The lottery officials have confirmed that each member of the syndicate would be taking home $250,000 playing “The Lott”.

According to the officials, the syndicate had participated in the TattsLotto draw held on Saturday, July 31, 2021. As per the lottery officials, there were a total of 10 division one prizes won from the particular lottery draw. The syndicate’s lottery draw was among the 10 division one prizes that have been won by the players.

The Lott officials are still waiting for the remaining nine division one prize winners to come up and collect their prizes.

The lucky winner informed the officials that she was in complete disbelief when she came to learn about the win. The player stated that she had been playing the lottery games for a very long time but to no avail. She recently started a new job and found very humble and friendly colleagues.

Therefore, she went ahead and shared her secret of playing lottery games. While six of the players liked the idea of forming a group, one colleague was not interested. It was the same colleague whose ticket landed with the $2 million wins.

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