A Lucky For Life Game Helps a Lansing Man Win $25,000 a Year for Life


The Michigan Lottery is back again with an exciting announcement around a lucky player from Lansing. The lottery officials are extremely excited about the win as they know how big of a deal it is for someone to win prize money for their entire life.

This is exactly what the Michigan lottery has always wanted, so all of its players end up having the best time of their lives. This time, the Michigan lottery has the opportunity of giving away $25k every year the entire life.

The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the player is Michael Nash. Nash is a 57-year-old man who is a resident from Lansing.

The officials have confirmed that the player has won the prize playing the Lucky For Life game that is powered by the Michigan lottery. The officials have confirmed that the draw for the particular game was held on March 15, 2021.

The reports suggest that the lucky numbers drawn for the particular draw were 37-27-15-14-05. Fortunately, for Nash, the ticket he had purchased for the Lucky for Life game ended up matching all five numbers.

This resulted in the ticket matching all five numbers and thus, it ended up winning more than millions. Furthermore, Nash had purchased his lucky ticket from Meijer Store, which is located at 5531 28th Street Southeast, Grand Rapids.

The player is now among the luckiest and fortunate who has now won the jackpot prize and can only look at it. The player informed the officials that he was not able to believe his ears when his friends first informed him about the win.

The player stated that he had to ask all of his player friends about the win in order to confirm it. Once he was fully satisfied, he visited the Michigan lottery’s head office to claim the prize money.

According to the lottery officials, the player was still very emotional and excited about the win when he visited the headquarters to claim the prize money.

When Michael Cash reached the lottery headquarters, the representatives offered him two options for claiming the prize. The first one was to do it in a one-time lump sum amount of $390,000 or do it in annuity prize claims, receiving $25,000 for the next 20 years.

The player decided to go with the first option of receiving $390,000. The lottery team also went ahead and asked Michael Cash about his plans of using the prize won money. The player informed that he is close to his retirement days so he is going to keep things normal for him.

He would run things the same way they have been running at moment. The player stated that he plans on saving up his prize-won money and use it after his retirement.

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