A Lucky Lotterywest Player Wins $20,000 per Month for “Set for Life” Game


The Lotterywest is excited to share the story of a lucky lottery winner from Wanneroo. As per the lottery officials, they had spent a lot of time and energy in order to look for the winner but they were out of luck.

The lottery officials have revealed that the lucky winner was nowhere to be found and they had no other way of looking for him than share the store details the player had purchased the ticket from.

As per the lottery officials, the lucky player had participated in the “Set for Life” game powered by the Lotterywest. From the draw, the lucky player managed to win a huge prize that the player was to receive for 20 years.

The lucky player had reportedly won $20,000 per month for the next 20 years playing the “Set for Life” game. The draw for the particular game had taken place last month but the winner did not make any contact after the draw nor was the winning ticket registered.

The player had reportedly matched all the numbers from the ticket, thus, winning the top prize for the “Set for Life” game. The ticket that the player had purchased reportedly won him a division one prize, which was more than $852,000.

The player had the option of going for the one-time lump sum amount or go for the monthly prize. The player chose to go for the $20,000 per month prize money. Fortunately, the player will be receiving the amount for the next 20 years.

In the same month, two more division one prizes were won by players from Western Australia (WA). These two division-one players were playing the Saturday Lotto.

So far, they have managed to give away the prize money to a player from Ravensthorpe. The particular player stated that he had thought that the terminal had gone out of order when he checked his ticket. He stated that the terminal showed an unusual message that he had never seen before.

Therefore, he thought that something was not right, so he had to call the cashier up to have him see what had happened. The cashier then broke the news that he had won a division one prize.

The player who won the $20,000 per month in the “Set for Life” game stated that he thought he had lost the ticket. He tried looking for it everywhere but could not find it. In the end, he had lost hope of ever finding the ticket.

He went to work, as usual, one day and when he opened his locker, he realized there was a piece of paper lying in it. He checked the paper and turns out, it was the ticket he was looking for.

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