A Lucky Man from Cape Coral Has Won $1 Million from Florida Lotto


The Florida Lotto is excited to announce that a lottery player from Cape Coral has won a huge lottery jackpot. The lottery team has revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Charles Dodson who is a 65-year-old resident from Cape Coral.

The Florida Lotto has revealed that Dodson had decided to play one of the most popular lottery games Florida Lotto has ever produced. The name of the lucky lottery game is the $5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic and the player managed to win a $1 million prize.

The $5,000,000 Gold Rush Class game is one of the top scratch-off games powered by the Florida Lotto. The lottery officials have confirmed that Charles Dodson had successfully secured his million-dollar prize-winning ticket at the Fort Myers District office’s dropbox.

The lottery team has revealed that Dodson was given two options for claiming the prize money he had won. The first option was the annuity prize money where the player would receive a portion of the prize money every year for up to 20 or 30 years.

The second option given to Dodson was to proceed with receiving a one-time lump sum amount. The player decided to go for the one-time lump sum payment of $710,000 after federal and state tax deductions.

The Florida Lotto team has confirmed that Charles Dodson had purchased the million-dollar prize-winning ticket for $5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic from the Walmart Market Liquor Box.

The Walmart Market Liquor Box is located at 505 Southwest Pine Island Road (Cape Coral). The Florida Lotto team has confirmed that the lucky store has also received a bonus commission of $2,000 for selling the lucky ticket.

The $5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic game was launched back in October 2018 by the Florida Lotto. The operator had made it part of the scratch-off game that has given opportunities to millions of players to win huge prizes.

Each ticket for the $5,000,000 Gold Rush Class game costs $20 and the participants have the opportunity to win the max prize money of $5,000,000. The lottery officials have revealed that the winning odds for the particular game are 1-in-2.99.

The Florida Lotto officials have congratulated Dodson for playing the game and winning a million-dollar prize. Florida Lotto has been around in the lottery business since 1988 and has focused its efforts towards the advancement of the education systems all over the country.

Ever since its launch, the Florid Lotto has managed to generate and provide a total of $38 billion, which it has dedicated to the education system in the state. Before any investor visits the head office for claiming the prize, they must set up an appointment so the operators can arrange for the right amount of money.

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