A Lucky Man from Coolangatta Wins $9.41 Million Playing Lucky Lotteries


The Lott is here to share the story of Coolangatta man who is now among some of the luckiest multi-millionaires playing the Lott. The lucky winner has won prize money that everyone wishes to have. Millions of people nowadays, play lottery games just to try their luck and see how it goes.

The lottery games have started trending since the beginning of 2021. After the pandemic, many people that have lost most of their money are trying their lucks in lottery games. Such people hope to get the most out of the lottery games and find an opportunity to change their lives once and for all.

Luckily for them, there are lottery games such as The Lott that have indeed proven to make a difference. It is one of the oldest, popular, and widely played lottery games offered in Australia. The Lott has been making a huge difference with its long list of games and will continue to do so.

This time, The Lott is sharing the story of a Coolangatte man that has won huge prize money playing the Lucky Lotteries game. Lucky Lotteries is one of the largest lottery draw games offered by The Lott, which offers millions of dollars in prizes.

The winner of the game was overwhelmed with joy and happiness over the win. He could hardly believe what he was hearing and needed his wife’s support to fully absorb the news.

The Lott team has revealed that the lucky man from Queensland had tried his luck for the Lucky Lotteries draw held on Thursday, May 20, 2021. The Lucky Lotteries’ particular lottery draw number was 1534, which was apparently, Lucky Lotteries’ Mega Jackpot draw.

The Lott tea has revealed that the team informed the old man about his win was laughing as well as worried, as they spoke with him. According to them, when they informed the old man of the win, he asked them to stop at once and wait for him to call his wife.

The player stated that he had a feeling that if they were calling him, it would mean something big and exciting. Then both he and his wife went on the speakerphone and were informed of the $9.41 million Mega Jackpot prize win.

The old man stated that he could not believe what had happened to him. A half an hour ago, he had gotten off a bad meeting and was thinking about having lunch at home with his wife. Now, they have to visit a restaurant and have a quality lunch.

The couple informed the officials that they would go through their plan of spending the money while having lunch. However, the most important thing on their list is paying off their bills and helping out their family.

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