A Lucky Man from Henry County Wins $5 Million Playing Gold Rush Classic


The Florida Lottery is back and this time, the announcement is big because the win is in millions. The lottery officials are excited that they could help another player have a life-changing experience playing the Florida lottery.

According to the Florida lottery, all their efforts and hard work pay off when players show up with a smile on their faces. The Florida lottery headquarters is just a building like any other but the place is always filled with joy and emotions.

The players who visit the headquarters always have a shine in their eyes and a big smile because they know that soon their lives will change. This keeps the Florida lottery teams going on, on a daily basis, as they want to keep helping the people win big.

When a player wins a prize of less than $500,000, it means that the amount would last for around 5 or 10 years. However, when a player wins at least a million or multi-millions, that becomes a life-changing opportunity for them.

It solely depends on how the player wants to spend his/her prize money and the Florida lottery does not interfere with that.

However, the Florida lottery officials do advise the players from time to time to be very careful with the expenses. The majority of the time, players end up spending their money without any finance management or planning.

This results in players losing their money much faster than they would if they spent it wisely. Many end up making bad investments and soon go broke, and end up on the streets.

The Florida lottery officials have the same advice for Sylvanis Brice, who is a 48-year-old resident of Clewiston. Brice has been blessed with a life-changing opportunity as he went for the $5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic.

The $5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic is one of the top scratch-off games offered by the Florida lottery. The player actually ended up winning the top prize, which is $5 million. The player successfully secured his ticket at one of the dropboxes that go to the Florida lottery head office.

Afterward, Brice was given two choices, either he could go for a one-time lump sum and take home $3,550,000 after tax deductions. Otherwise, Brice could choose the annuity option of receiving a certain portion of the prize money on a yearly basis.

Brice chose the first option, making him the latest multi-millionaire playing the Powerball lottery as well as in Clewiston.

Brice had reportedly purchased his $5,000,000 Gold Rush ticket from Shamrock Corner Store LLC. The particular store is located at 1993 Davidson Road, Clewiston, and it is entitled to receive $2,000 in bonus commission.

The $5 Million Gold Rush Classic game was founded back in 2018 and offers players the opportunity to win a top prize of $5 million with a ticket that costs only $20.

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