A Lucky Man from Northern Virginia Wins Electric 7s Top Prize


One of the top lottery operators from the United States is here to announce an incredible win claimed by a man from Northern Virginia. As always, the Virginia Lottery is thrilled at the latest winning claimed by the player whose name is Dhrupal Patel.

The officials have revealed that some quality time with his family turned into a luxurious delight for Dhrupal Patel as he is now worth more than half a million.

The Virginia lottery team has confirmed that Dhrupal had decided to play the “Electric 7s” game, powered by the VA lottery itself. The game has a tremendous following and thousands of players win prizes through Electric 7s on a monthly basis.

For those who do not know, the Electric 7s is one of the top scratch-card games that the Virginia lottery offers its citizens. According to the player, his simple decision made him richer by $777,777, winning the top prize from the Electric 7s.

Dhrupal had reportedly purchased his Electric 7s ticket from the Stop & Save store. The particular store that sold the Electric 7s to the $777,777 winner is located at Riverside Drive, Tazewell, Virginia.

Dhrupal also shared the story of how he ended up being at the particular store and purchased a life-changing ticket. He had taken his family for a long vacation to the Smoky Mountains and they enjoyed their stay at the place a lot. They realized that their stay there was not enough and they still wanted to stay as close to nature as possible.

Unfortunately, they had to come back because their leaves were ending soon and they had to get back to work. Therefore, they decided to choose a road that was surrounded by nature, which the majority of the traffic avoids taking, as it is too long and time taking.

That is when he made a stop at the Stop & Save to buy snacks and food for the family so they could start their long journey again. Although he had never played the lottery games before, he went ahead with the Electric 7s and didn’t even know how it would work.

After purchasing the ticket, the family continued their drive all the way back home and the next morning, he decided to scratch it.

Dhrupal told the officials that before scratching, he had already gone through the instructions so at that point; he knew what he was looking for. As per him, as he continued scratching the ticket, he started sweating heavily and by the time he was done scratching, his entire body was shaking.

He told his wife that they had won the jackpot who did not believe it initially, but as the news settled into her mind, she was filled with tears.

Dhrupal stated that the win is a blessing for him and his family. His first mission is to purchase a new house where his children can have the best living standards. Then, the next plan is to purchase a piece of property in the Smokey Mountains so they can get more close to the place.

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