A Lucky Man from Palm Beach County Wins $1,000,000 Playing Florida Lottery


One of the top state-backed lottery games in the United States, the Florida lottery is here to share the story of a lucky player from Palm Beach County. The officials have revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Lucio Desiderio, who is a resident of Tequesta.

The Florida lottery team has confirmed that Desiderio has won prize money of $1,000,000 playing the “Fastest Road to a Million” game. It is one of the largest and top games powered by the Florida lottery and the players love to play this game on a regular basis.

Out of all the games the Florida lottery backs, The Fastest Road a Million is the one that has paid the most number of million-dollar prizes to the players. This is the reason more and more players keep trying their luck playing this game and keep becoming millionaires in the process.

This time, the news revolves around Desiderio, who has also earned the title of being a millionaire. The officials have confirmed that the player had securely deposited his million-dollar prize-winning ticket at one of the Florida lottery drop boxes.

As the ticket safely arrived at the Florida lottery’s head office, they went ahead and sent the options to the winner as to how he would want to receive the prize money.

Similar to all other prizewinners, Desiderio was asked if he would like to go for yearly payouts, which would continue until the amount is paid in full. Otherwise, the player could choose to receive all the money in one go, which he did and took home $790,000. The amount paid out to the winner is after implementing the federal/state taxes to the winning prize.

The lottery team has confirmed that Desiderio had purchased the million-dollar prize-winning “The Fastest Road to a Million” ticket from Sunoco Tequesta.

The particular store that sold the lucky million-dollar Fastest Road to a Million ticket is located at 104 North US Highway 1, Tequesta.

The news of winning the huge prize was a breeze for Desiderio and his entire family, who were filled with excitement when they learned about the win.

Desiderio stated he has been playing the lottery games ever since he turned 40 and even after so many years, he did not find any luck. However, as he was nearing his retirement, he was afraid there would not be much he would be able to do for his wife.

Now that he has won the prize, he can take early retirement, buy a new and spacious for his family, and can take his wife to Italy. He stated that it was 23 years back when he and his wife had visited Italy and now they are going to do it again.

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