A Lucky Woman from Canada Wins $250,000 from Instant Crossword Deluxe


One of the most prominent lotteries from Canada known as OLG Lottery is back with a story of a very lucky woman from Ontario. The OLG Lottery is always privileged and honored to bring forth the stories of its players. According to the OLG Lottery, such players are always responsible for bringing back hope to the world.

When the entire world is faced with such difficult situations and problems, the lottery games are offering a helping hand to people in need. It is one of the quickest ways in the entire world that are available to almost anyone in their country.

This time, the OLG Lottery shares the story of a lucky woman from Embrun, Ontario, who was one of the luckiest people in the year 2021. Lyne Carmichael was the top prize winner of the CA $250,000 prize from the Instant Crossword Deluxe game no. 2216.

While talking to the lottery officials, Lyne stated that she is a regular lottery player. Majority of the time she prefers to play the Instant Crossword Deluxe. She plays it because the game is very entertaining and helps her pass her time.

The player informed the officials that most of the time, she has a habit of scratching the tickets while she is cooking. This is exactly what she was doing when she found out that she had won the top prize.

Lyne informed that she was making dinner for her entire family and had some time on the oven before the dinner would be ready. She decided to kill the time by scratching the Instant Crossword Deluxe ticket. Lyne also revealed that another reason for her playing the game is that it is challenging and keep one occupied for some time.

Lyne stated that for the lucky ticket, she had scratched so many words that she thought she had scratched an extra one. When she scanned the barcode on the ticket, she could not believe her eyes when the result said “Big Winner”.

She ran to her family and told them about the win and everyone was filled with joy. She said that as they had already prepared food so they decided to have it as they always do. But for the very first time, their daily dinner had become a celebration as everyone had a smile on their face at the dinner table.

Lyne visited OLG Lottery’s Toronto Prize Center to claim her prize and informed the officials that she was extremely excited at her win.

The player informed that she is planning to take her entire family for the holidays. However, she is going to wait for the best time to travel as at present, there is just too much risk due to the pandemic.

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