A Lucky Woman from Pulaski wins $274,355 Playing Cash 5 with EZ Match


The Virginia Lottery brings forth the winning announcement of Mari Hall who is now among the luckiest players from the Virginia lottery community. The officials have revealed Hall is a resident from Pulaski and now her family and friends are celebrating her huge win.

The officials have revealed that Mari Hall had opted for the Cash 5 with EZ Match game that is powered by the Virginia lottery. With the ticket, she had earned the chance of participating in the April 21, lottery draw for the Cash 5 with EZ match game.

The top prize-winning numbers that the lottery team drew for the April 21 drawing were 41-38-35-30-10. Fortunately, the numbers Hall had on her ticket were the same as the drawn numbers. This resulted in a huge victory for Hall and she received the jackpot prize money of $274,355.

Mari Hall had reportedly purchased her ticket from the Food City store, which is located at 1400 Bob White Boulevard, Pulaski. While purchasing the ticket, Hall had decided to go with the Quick Pick option. The Quick Pick option lets the computer choose the numbers on the ticket instead of a manual pick.

For Hall, even the computer turned out to be her lucky charm and she managed to end up matching all five numbers, and winning $274,355 in the process.

The store staff members were also very excited about Mari Hall’s win and stated they were very glad about her winning. They stated that Hall is their regular player and always tries new games, but she had been stuck with the Cash 5 game for a while.

Whenever they asked her to try a new game, she would say that this game might be it for her. Although she did not win a single prize from the game, she played on, hoping to find fortune upon her someday.

The store was even more excited when they were informed they would also be receiving a $500 bonus commission for selling the jackpot prize-winning ticket.

As for Mari Hall, she was in tears when the VA lottery officials got a hold of her to know her side of the story. The player stated that although she moves on with lottery games when she does not find any luck, this game had a different vibe to it.

She even saw a dream where she had won prize money playing the particular game. This was something that had never happened to her in the past, so she decided not to let go of the game. Finally, her dream came true and she won huge prize money.

The player stated that the money she has won is going to go a long way for her and she is too excited about her upcoming life after this win.

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