A Lucky Woman from the UK Plays Online Lottery and Makes a Fortune


It is a common and usual understanding that if you choose a lottery then you have to wait a few days before the results come out. However, a woman from the United Kingdoms was lucky enough to play a UK-based lottery online and ended up winning a huge prize the very next day.

The name of the winner is Jane Cosburn who is a resident of Basildon, Essex (United Kingdoms). As per the player, she had just signed up online for the ‘Health Lottery’ and ended up becoming a winner of a £10,000 prize. To the player’s surprise, she ended up winning the prize the very next day she signed up with the Health Lottery.

The player was extremely delighted to know that she had won the £10,000 when she needed it the most. While excited, Jane Cosburn shared the exciting story of her win and told the Health Lottery officials what led her to go to the Health Lottery website.

As per the winner, she and her husband were very concerned and in a lot of stress as they did not have any savings in their account to do any celebrations. Jane Cosburn told that her husband ‘John’ who is 44, had recently gone through a knee operation, and due to that, he was going to be on rest for months.

However, John was very sad that he was not able to offer any helping hand due to this knee condition. Jane told that her husband is a self-employed builder and had hurt his knee during his last contract.

Jane Cosburn told the Health Lottery officials that they have three children. The oldest is their son (21), in the middle is their daughter Paige (19), and lastly, their youngest son ‘Harry’ who is just 15-years-old.

The couple told the lottery officials that they so wanted to treat their children during the Christmas holidays but their current financial condition was very tight. Due to this, they could not do anything about the situation at hand.

Jane Cosburn stated that after checking her bank account online, she was about to shut down her computer before she thought about checking her emails. While doing that, she stumbled upon an email from the Health Lottery regarding one of their promotions.

Jane Cosburn said that she had been playing the National Lottery for years but she never won anything. However, when she went through the Health Lottery website, she felt like buying some tickets. Therefore, she decided to buy £20 worth of Health Lottery tickets with hopes of winning something.

The very next day, she checked her Health Lottery account to see if she had won anything and was surprised to see that there were £10,000 in her Health Lottery account.

The player said that she is more than glad that she gave Health Lottery a try and ended up winning huge in the very first attempt. The winner told that she bought her youngest son a bicycle and plans on going on holiday with the entire family to Portugal next month.

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