A Lucky Woman Playing National Lottery from Arbroath Wins £1 Million


The National Lottery team is proud to share Alicia Harper’s story and announce that they have given her the best present prior to the birth of her first child. Alicia Harper, a resident from Arbroath, Scotland revealed to the National Lottery officials that she is expecting a baby boy to come to this world soon.

Now that she has won a huge prize, all her worries have vanished and she has peace of mind. The player informed the officials that she has her expected delivery in the month of September 2021.

According to the lottery officials, Alicia Harper had gone for the Lucky Dip tickets under the EuroMillions game. The draw for the particular tickets she had purchased was to be held on June 29, 2021. However, the time has been really tough on her, and with her baby on the way, she finds it really difficult to remember things.

The player informed the officials that she completely forgot about her tickets after purchasing them. The player stated that she had purchased the tickets for June 29, through the National Lottery application. According to Harper, a 23-year-old resident of Arbroath, she had gotten her hands on the ticket right before the particular draw.

However, she fell asleep after purchasing them and did not remember about the tickets afterward. As per Harper, she did a notification on her National Lottery application but she did not bother checking it. The National Lottery keeps sending her daily notifications so she thought it was just another update.

She told the lottery officials that a couple of weeks went by and she did not pay attention to her National Lottery application, nor she checked the amount in the account.

However, she finally decided to check it in mid-July and to her surprise, she had received a notification from the National Lottery officials for a million-pound win.

She could not believe her eyes and had to call the lottery operator in order to confirm if the email was true or some sort of scam. The player informed the officials that it is a dream come true for her as she is a single mother and raising her child could be an expensive thing.

According to Alicia Harper, she is thankful that she made such a decision and went for the EuroMillions game. Now, she is one of the luckiest mothers in the entire Scotland who has won £1,000,000 playing National Lottery.

Alicia informed the lottery officials that she is aiming to get her hands on her own apartment before her delivery and the money is also going to help her pay medical and hospital bills.

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