A Lucky Woman Won $500,000 from Pay Me! Game


The Florida Lottery is proud to make an announcement about a player from Naples who has won half a million playing a new game. The lottery team has revealed that the name of the lucky player is Luz Fajardo, who is a 65-year-old resident from Naples.

The lottery team has announced that the player had decided to play the Pay Me! Lottery game. The Pay Me! has been recently introduced by the Florida Lottery and it is one of the most played scratch-card games powered by the operator.

The officials have confirmed that by playing the Pay Me! lottery game, the player ended up winning huge prize money of $500,000. Luz Fajardo successfully submitted her $500,000 prize-winning scratch-card ticket at a dropbox that was located at Fort Myers District Office.

The lottery officials have also confirmed that Fajardo had purchased her $500,000 prize-winning ticket from Winn-Dixie. The lucky store that sold the ticket to Fajardo is located at 4849 Golden Gate Parkway (Naples).

The player stated that she had been playing other instant scratch-card games powered by Florida Lottery for a really long time. However, she had grown tired of playing the games and decided to go for the new game and see how it works out for her.

The player stated that she likes to play lottery games with her friends and while the rest of her friends went for the old games, she went for the new ones.

To her and everyone else’s shock, she ended up winning half a million while only one of her friends won a few dollars from her scratch-cards.

The player was really excited and determined to do something for her friends. Fajardo stated that her friends have always been by her side and they have always played games together. So she will not let this opportunity go to waste and will be doing something special for all her friends.

Fajardo stated that all of her friends always wanted to go to Disneyland and that is exactly what they are going to do as soon as they can.

The Pay Me! game is one of the latest instant games that has been launched by the Florida Lottery team. The Pay Me! instant scratch-card game was launched by the Florida Lottery back in February of 2021. So far, the game has given away more than $58 million worth of prizes to thousands of players in the state.

The lottery players can purchase a ticket for the Pay Me! game by paying a small $5 amount. As per Florida Lottery, the odds of winning a prize playing Pay Me! are 1 in 3.98 and the minimum prize money is $600.

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