A Man from Lorton Gifts Himself $150,000 Birthday Present from Powerball



For people who belong to the middle-class or any class lower than that, when we think about birthdays, we think about surprises, gifts, and celebrations. Our main focus is on the presents that we receive from our family members and friends.

Although we know that the present can be good, we also know the reality that given the circumstances, an expensive present is out of the question.

However, every once in a while, someone turns up and gives us the biggest surprise of our lives. And if it is not someone else, then we end up doing that for ourselves somewhere down the road.

This is exactly what a person from Lorton ended up doing for himself as he knew that he wasn’t going to get any big presents. He does not blame anyone from his family or friends for not being able to give him a present, but sometimes, a person’s desire can make him or her depressed.

This is the story of Julius Hanson Takyi who is a resident from Lorton and ended up giving himself the biggest birthday present ever. He stated that it was his birthday and he was too depressed because he lives far from his family.

He revealed to the lottery officials that he does not have many friends so not many wished him on his birthday. Therefore, his biggest day was just like the rest but more boring and depressing as hardly anyone had wished him.

He stated that he so wanted to buy himself a car but had no money on him to do it. He also wanted to visit his family but he couldn’t as he had just started a new job after the pandemic.

While going back to his apartment, he decided to grab some snacks from the shop and he ended up visiting the shop at Shell. The store is located at 14352 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge.

He went in there and while he was waiting to pay for the snacks and drinks, he saw the advertisement panel for the Powerball Lottery.

Although he had never played lottery games because he considered them to be nothing more than fake, he still went for a ticket. While purchasing the ticket he went for the Easy Pick option and let the computer do the rest for him.

The Powerball Lottery ticket he had purchased was for the draw held back on February 24, 2021. Takyi stated as he purchased the ticket, he felt that tomorrow was going to be his big day and the best birthday present ever.

He went back to his apartment and waited for the draw to take place on the next day (Feb 24th). Finally, the hour of the draw arrived and the numbers drawn were 65-53-43-33-4 with Powerball being: 21.

To Takyi’s surprise, his ticket had matched 4 out of 5 lucky numbers as well as the Powerball number, winning him $50,000. As he had selected the Power Play option, his winnings were tripled and he won a total figure of $150,000.

The player stated it was a dream come true for him, and the first thing in his mind is to buy himself a car and drive it all the way back to his hometown to show it to his family.

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