A Man from Mechanicsville won $100,000 from Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is here to announce that its $100,000 prize winner from the New Year has finally turned up to claim the prize. The lottery officials were really excited and happy to announce the details of the player who ended up winning $100,000 but took a lot of time to show up for the prize claim.

The VA Lottery team has revealed that the name of the lucky hundred grand winner is Felton Lumpkin. According to the report, the player had won a hundred thousand dollar prize from playing the Millionaire Raffle for the New Year.

The lottery officials have confirmed that Felton Lumpkin is a resident from Mechanicsville. Lumpkin had purchased his $100,000 prize winning ticket from Sheetz. The particular Sheetz store is located at 9401 Amberdale Drive, North Chesterfield. The ticket number that the player had chosen that ended up winning him $100,000 prize was 291119.

The rest of the details were shared by Felton Lumpkin himself who won the $100,000 prize money from the VA Lottery game.

The player informed that he had purchased the ticket with hoping that this would be his lucky year. Lumpkin informed the officials that just like every American, he had also faced a hard time throughout the pandemic. Even now things were not that much smooth but were slowly getting better.

However, the pandemic had left him out of pocket and he was worried how he will be able to manage things for himself and his family. Lumpkin thought that the New Year would eventually turn out to be lucky for him and he will be able to win something that will help him financially.

Therefore, he went ahead and purchased a ticket for the Millionaire Raffle that is special for the New Year. Lumpkin stated that after purchasing the ticket, he put the ticket for safe keeping and could no longer find it.

As per him, he searched each and every place he thought would be the one where he would have hidden the ticket but all in vain. As he wasn’t able to find it, he thought that he should just forget about it. However, he wasn’t able to take one thought out of his mind and that was that he couldn’t stop thinking about the ticket.

Something in his heart kept telling him that she must keep searching for it and find it no matter what. Then one day, he was driving his car and checked the dashboard to find some documents. That is where he found his glove box and to his shock, the ticket was lying there for several months.

So he checked the ticket and without wasting any second, called his wife to let her know that he had won $100,000 and their life was going to take a new turn.

The player stated that the money he has won will go towards their children’s studies and paying of some major bills. Some of it will be used for a small trip to the country and the rest will be kept in as a saving.

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