A “Match 6 Lotto” Ticket winning $3.28 Million Sold in Alleghany County


The Pennsylvania Lottery is back with a huge announcement of a ticket that has been sold in Alleghany County. The officials have revealed that the particular ticket belongs to the “Match 6 Lotto” game and has managed to win its jackpot prize.

The officials have confirmed that the draw for the Match 6 Lotto game was held on April 3, 2021. The lucky numbers drawn from the draw were 45-39-28-24-13-7. The ticket matched all six lucky numbers and won prize money of $3.28 million.

The officials have also revealed that the name of the store that sold the ticket was Sheetz. The particular store is located at 2100 Mosside Boulevard, Monroeville, and it will be receiving $10,000 as a bonus commission.

When it comes to lottery games, the Pennsylvania Lottery is considered to be one of the best in the entire United States. The lottery run by the state has been helping millions change their lives on a monthly basis.

The lottery has helped so many in changing their lives and become millionaires and multi-millionaires. The PA Lottery is known for providing players with numerous gaming options that they can choose to play through.

The two major game types are the lottery draws and the scratch-card games, which PA Lottery provides to its players in abundance.

There are many lotteries that are launched by the operators only to generate money and give players very small winnings. On the other hand, the PA Lottery strives to provide players unique and hefty monetary opportunities.

Ever since the pandemic hit the entire world, things haven’t been the same for people. Out of all the countries hit by the pandemic, the United States was the country that was hit with the worst case. Due to the pandemic, the country went under a strict lockdown, rending millions jobless.

These people were determined to do something with their savings and find opportunities in their lives. This is when the PA Lottery helped the people of the PA State keep their spirits high and stay entertained.

Ever since the ending months of the year 2020, the PA Lottery officials have revealed that their sales have increased enormously. This means that more people have been joining the lottery games lately to try their luck and win life-changing prizes.

However, there are some people who despite winning a prize, do not tend to show up to claim their prizes. This is because either these people are too afraid to do it because they think they will be robbed. Or, they do not have any idea whether they have won something or not. This is because sometimes, people forget they even had a ticket in their possession. By the time they realize it, they are already at a loss as the prize money expires.

This is the reason why the PA Lottery ensures that each rightful winner gets to claim their prize money before it expires. If the winners do not turn up, the PA Lottery ensures that it does whatever is in its power to reach out to the winners.

Therefore, sharing all the available information about the ticket and the address of purchase is part of the maneuver that PA Lottery has adopted.

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