A Player from Coats Won $1,000,000 but Had No Idea That He Did


The Powerball lottery always has the habit of surprising people when they are expecting them the least. The Powerball lottery is here to share the story of Frederick Russell Carroll and his achievement in one of the Powerball games.

The officials are thankful to the people who made Carroll realize that he was a millionaire but he had no idea about it. As per the officials, they had been waiting for a long time to meet and greet Russell and hand over his prize money to him.

Unfortunately, as they had no idea about his whereabouts, they were unable to give him his prize money. Fredderick Russell Carroll is a resident from Coats who has reportedly won million-dollar prize money playing the Powerball lottery.

For those with not much idea about the Powerball lottery, it is undoubtedly the largest and most rewarding lottery game in the entire world. If everyone in the entire world is given the chance to play Powerball over local games, they would jump for the opportunity.

The Powerball lottery likes to make things extremely exciting for the players as it tends to offer millions in weekly lottery draws. When it comes to the mega jackpots, then the draws are completely different, as they may offer billions in prizes.

If Carroll has only won a million, then it means that he was not able to match all the lucky numbers on the ticket. If he had matched all of them, then the prize money would have been completely different. He could have won several million from the same draw but still, a million would make a huge difference in his personal and professional life.

According to the lottery officials, the ticket Carroll had, matched all five of the primary numbers but missed out on the red Powerball number.

The ticket that Carroll had was for the draw held back on May 19, 2021. The only information that the lottery officials had about the winner was the store where he had purchased the ticket from.

As per the officials, the winner had purchased the million-dollar Powerball ticket from Shri Sharda Petroleum. The particular petrol station is located at East Stewart Street, Coats.

As per the officials, if Carroll would have matched all the numbers, the minimum prize he would have won would be $20 million.

The player informed the officials that he had his ticket in his wallet all this time but he had completely forgotten about it. He would have never learned about it until one of his friends who also play Powerball lottery games with him reminded him of the ticket.

He stated that he has won the prize at a very critical time as he had many bills piling up. Furthermore, he is going to take his wife to the doctor and get her properly checked, as her medical condition is not very good for several years.

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