A Powerball Lottery Game Makes Portsmouth Man $100,000 Richer


The Virginia Lottery has revealed the story of a man from Portsmouth who had been blessed with a huge prize of $100,000. The lottery officials congratulated the winner of the $100,000 prize and also talked to the player about his interesting story.

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The player informed that he was in a state of denial when he was informed that he had won the prize of $100,000. The player had purchased the Powerball ticket from the Cedar Road Exxon. The Cedar Road Exxon is located at 1260 Cedar Road in Chesapeake.

The VA Lottery revealed that the name of the prize-winning player is Roy Williamson who is a resident of Portsmouth. The lottery revealed that the winner’s ticket matches 4 sets of numbers out of the 5 plus a Power Ball. Initially, the player had won a $50,000 prize for matching 4 sets of numbers plus a Power Ball. However, a Power Play option had been added to the ticket, doubling the player’s win to $100,000.

The ticket purchased by the player was for the Powerball Lottery draw that was held on December 19, 2020.

Roy Williamson informed that he is a regular Powerball Lottery player and was already used to winning small prizes. He informed that he could not believe at first that he had won such a huge prize.

Williamson informed that he had purchased the ticket a week before the draw but did not check the numbers on the ticket until a few days back. After purchasing the ticket, he completely forgot about it due to the Christmas Holidays and family gatherings.

After Christmas, it was the New Year Holidays so did not get the time to check the ticket. After the Christmas and New Year Holidays, when he went back to work, he realized that he had the ticket on him for more than 3 weeks.

He decided to visit the store after work so went to the same store where he had purchased the ticket from. He informed that at the store, he checked the numbers on his own and thought he had only won $200, so he was not as much excited.

To Williamson’s surprise, the clerk first corrected him and then told him he had won a $100,000 prize for matching 4 primary numbers plus a Power ball. Then he realized that he had paid an extra dollar to add the Power Play option, which doubled his $50,000 prize to $100,000.

The player stated that when he first realized that he had actually won the $100,000 prize, he almost passed out on the floor. The player said that he is among some of the luckiest people who won a huge prize and a beautiful start for the year 2021.

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