British Man Experiences Remarkable Turn in Fortunes, Kevin Jones

A British man who was burgled twice has experienced a remarkable change in his fortunes after winning lottery.

Kevin Jones and his wife, Michelle, originally lived in the UK before moving to Spain for some years. While in Spain, the Jones’ suffered the misfortune of having their house burgled not just once but twice.

The burglaries were devastating and left the couple without anything. Ultimately, the break ins disturbed the husband and wife so much that they decided to move back to the UK in order to pick up the pieces, and to make a start on building a new life.

Once back in the home country, Kevin Jones got himself a job and dedicated himself to working 12 hours a day to help rebuild their lives, but after receiving some extremely good news Mr Jones won’t have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to.

The Lottery Win

It was while he was undertaking his usual job as a bus driver that Kevin Jones learned of his good fortune. Mr Jones was waiting in a traffic jam in the early morning when he discovered that he held the winning ticket. Mr Jones had scooped a £6 million fortune, and the cheque has now been given to him by the UK lottery organizers.

Kevin Jones described himself as feeling “buoyant” after his win, but despite his new found fortune, his only indulgence so far has been to buy some season tickets for his favorite football team, Everton.

This story shows that bad times don’t last forever, and that our luck can change at any moment, which is why it is worth never giving up.

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