Calgarian Wins $2 Million in Canadian Lotto 6/49 Draw


Two people from Calgary are celebrating after each of their numbers were drawn in two different lottery draws in Canada on the same day.

Both of the winners won a prize of $2 million each, but they were from different lottery draws conducted on December 3rd.

The winners

The first one was Rajendra Rai who was able to bag the $2 million prize in the Canadian Lotto 6/49 draw, while the second winner was Jaswinder Saini who was also able to win $2 million through the Western Max draw.

Rai had purchased his winning lottery ticket only a few hours before the drawing was conducted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022.

He had purchased the ticket from the Shoppers Drug Mart, which is located at 5500 Falsbridge Drive. Rai said that he thought he was dreaming when he found out about the win.

He also said that he had been with his wife when they discovered the win and both of them had been excited to find out.

The plans

According to the couple, they plan on using the winnings from the Canadian Lotto 6/49 draw to pay off their house and start a small business. They are also planning on taking a trip.

He shared with a laugh that his wife had asked him a couple of weeks ago about seeing the family in Nepal and he had responded that they would do so after he won the lottery.

He now said that this was exactly what they planned on doing and his mother and father were also looking forward to it.

He stated that he could not properly express how it feels to have won a lottery prize. The winner also said that he had never expected this to happen to him.

The other winner

As far as the other winner, Saini, is concerned, he had purchased his winning lottery ticket on the morning of the draw from 7-Eleven that was located at 6688 Martindale Gate.

He had returned to the same shop the next day to use the self-service ticket checker in order to check his numbers.

This was when he found out that he had won $2 million in the Western 6/49 draw as he was able to match all the six numbers.

He said that he had had to count the zeroes several times. After he had double-checked the ticket, he had gone to the cashier and asked them to scan the ticket at the lottery terminal of the store.

It was confirmed as a winning ticket. Saini said that hadn’t been expecting it, but he had remained very calm.

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