Father and Son from Burnie won $2.5 Million from TattsLotto


The Lott is back with an exciting announcement about a father and his son who are now celebrating a wonderful and luxurious life ahead of them. According to lottery officials, the father and son from Burnie ended up winning huge prize money worth $2.5 million.

According to The Lott team, both father and son are huge enthusiasts of The Lott and love to play TattsLotto on a regular basis. They had been playing the TattsLotto lottery games for a really long time but never got to win anything.

However, this particular ticket and the draw turned out to be extremely lucky and fortunate for them and they ended up winning $2.5 million. The officials have revealed that the draw for the particular TattsLotto game was held on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

From the particular March 20th draw, the father and son managed to win the division one prize money worth $2.5 million. The $2.5 million prize money claimed by the father and son is one out of a total of eight division one prizes. All eight division one prizes are worth the same amount, which is $2.5 million.

When contacted by the lottery officials for the winning notification, both the father and son were filled with joy. They also went ahead and checked the ticket themselves to make sure they weren’t being scammed by anyone.

When they checked the ticket, they were both jumping around the house, celebrating their win. The father stated that he has three kids but only his youngest believed in lottery games. So he continued playing all the lottery games alongside his son to see if they would ever win any prize in the future.

The father stated that they are regular players of the TattsLotto game and have been playing the game for a really long time. However, they never won single prize money even though they always wished they would win something from the game.

Finally, they got lucky and ended up winning a division one prize money of $2.5 million. They stated that their entire family had been facing a really difficult time due to the pandemic causing the financial crisis.

However, now that they have money, they can start bringing their daily life things back to normal. The first thing that they are going to do is take care of the bills that they have accumulated over the past months.

Then they are going to hold a family feast where all close relatives and friends will be invited. Then there is a new house that is due for a long time and the son will be getting a new car. Both the father and the son stated that their expenditures would only be based on necessities and they do not want to waste any money.

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