Five Lucky Players Playing TattsLotto Win Division One Prizes


The Lott is here with huge announcements surrounding five lucky winners of the TattsLotto game powered by the operator. The Lott team has announced that the winners are the latest that have become the rightful owners of division one prizes.

The officials have confirmed that the five winners of the division one prizes are from Melbourne are from draw number 4157 that was held on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

The team has confirmed that in total there was 15 division one prize winners but 5 of them were from Melbourne. Therefore, the Lott will be sharing the story and details around the 5 division one prize winners.

The Lott team has confirmed that each division one player was eligible for receiving $409,991.02 prize money from the particular draw.

The first winner of the division one prize money was a resident from South Yarra. The fortunate woman had purchased her division one prize-winning ticket from Cards Galore. The particular facility is located at Level 1 14B Vogue Shopping Center. The particular address of the shopping center is 670 Chapel Street, South Yarra.

The second winner of the division one prize money was from Sunbury. The lucky winner purchased his lucky prize-winning ticket from Nextra Sunbury that is located at 14 Brook Street, Sunbury.

The third winner of the division one prize money was from Taylors Lake. The winning family had purchased their ticket from the online source,

The fourth winner of the division one prize money was from Tarneit. The player had purchased his division one prize-winning TattsLotto ticket from Wyndham Village Lotto & News. The particular store is located at Shop 39 in the Wyndham Village Shopping Center. The particular shopping center is located at 380 Sayers Road, Tarneit.

The fifth player who is also from Melbourne is yet to make a registry of his win in order for the lottery officials to contact him. As of now, they have no particular information for the fifth winner of the TattsLotto’s division one prize winner.

As of now, the lottery team knows that the person had purchased the lucky ticket from Cheltenham Newsagency. The particular news agency is located at 332 Charman Road, Cheltenham.

The lottery officials have requested for the lottery players of the TattsLotto game to check their tickets and see if they are the lucky winners. If a player finds out that he/she has indeed won a top prize, they can get in touch with Lott’s prize claim at 131 868.

The teams at the particular number can provide more information as to what process the player needs to follow in order to claim the prize. The lucky numbers for the particular May 22 draw were 06-13-07-7-09-23.

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