Four Friends from Virginia are sharing the $150,000 Prize Won from Powerball


The Virginia Lottery is here with an exciting announcement where four best friends are going to share the decent prize money with each other. The lottery officials have shared their joy and surprise as the prize money is going to four friends, which would eventually many families happy.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the players had gone for the Powerball game, which turned lucky for them. As a result, they ended up winning prize money of $150,000 that they will be splitting equally among each other.

The lottery operator has also confirmed the names of the players to be Michael Zaraou, Denise Zarou, Badie Zarou, and Robert Rutzel. The four players had gone for the Powerball Lottery game whose draw was held on January 20, 2021. The result went into the favor of four friends and each player took home $37,500.

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The lottery team has confirmed that they had purchased the ticket from Bridge End Center. The Bridge End Center store is located at 11161 Berlin Turnpike (Lovettsville).

The lottery officials also had the opportunity to talk to all four of them and know their stories. The friends informed the officials that they have been playing Virginia Lottery games for a really long time. They stated that they have been best pals for decades and they always gather whenever they are done with their jobs.

They have a practice of purchasing lottery tickets every week just to try their luck and see if they win something. The players stated that they are used to play lottery games like a pool so what they do is, chip in money and purchase lottery tickets.

The payers stated that they have been purchasing tickets for the largest lottery games that are Powerball and Mega Millions. They purchase several tickets per game and have an agreement that whatever they win, it is distributed equally among each other.

This is exactly what they have done this time and have split the money that one of the friends earned through a ticket he purchased. The players informed that it was Robert who had purchased the ticket and it turned out to be a huge win for everyone.

Robert stated that as soon as he found out he had won the prize, he conference called the rest of his friends to share the news. The players stated that they are planning to have a huge party and they will be chipping in the money they won from the lottery game.

They are also planning to go on a trip together to have a good time and relive the adventures they used to do when they were all young.

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