Four Siblings Won $2.5 Million Prize from Gold Lotto Superdraw


The Lott is here to make a huge announcement about four siblings who had luck knock on their door and made their year the best year so far. The lottery officials have confirmed that the lucky siblings winning the huge prize are residents of the Sunshine Coast.

The Lott team has revealed that all four siblings had gone for the Gold Lotto Superdraw and it turned out to be the luckiest game for them so far.

The tickets that the 4 siblings had purchased for Gold Lotto Superdraw were all for the draw that was held on Saturday, March 20, 2021. For the siblings, the weekend turned out to be full of celebrations when they realized that they had won 1 out of the 8 first division prizes, which is for $2.5 million.

The Lott operator has also confirmed that the siblings had purchased their lottery tickets for Gold Lotto Superdraw from Cignall Sippy Downs. The $2.5 million ticket selling store is located on Shop A4, 123 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs.

The siblings stated that it was a dream come true for them because they had always hoped that they would win something from the lottery games. As per them, their mother had been playing lottery games for 40 years with the same numbers but she never won anything.

After her demise, they decided that they were going to keep playing the game on her behalf with the same numbers. The siblings have stated that they will be splitting the $2.5 million figure among each other and will also be donating a portion of the prize money for charity in the name of their mother.

The siblings stated that although they are extremely happy and ecstatic about the win, yet they are sad because their mother is no longer with them to cherish her efforts and the win.

The store manager (Lauren Geeves) has also congratulated the siblings that have won the division one prize. She stated that she has been watching these siblings come in every week and purchase 4 tickets for different lottery games.

Geeves herself wished that someday, they will eventually end up winning a huge prize and become a beacon of hope for the rest of the players that visit their store on a regular basis.

The manager also stated that these siblings used to visit the store in the past with their mother, who was also very fond of lottery games. So it can be easily said that the enthusiasm for lottery games runs in their family.

Geeves also mentioned that before this, their store never managed to sell any ticket that was worth or was somewhere near this much amount. She jokingly stated that the four siblings have finally lifted the curse off of their store and they hope that more winners will emerge from the same store.

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