Lee County Woman wins a $2 Million Lottery Prize


The Virginia Lottery has yet another story of a big win that an old couple managed to bag from a scratcher game. Although it was the husband who had won the prize in actuality, he had his wife ‘Carlene Spivey’ claim the prize.

When Carlene visited Virginia Lottery’s head office to claim the prize, the lottery officials wanted to know her story. Carlene Spivey was very excited and filled with joy when she visited the office and said that she was eager to tell the story.

Carlene said that when she initially got to know that her husband had won the prize, she just could not believe it. She said that her husband is not a regular but every now and then, he ends up buying a few lottery tickets. She said that she always opposed him whenever he used to bring the tickets saying that it was nothing more than a waste of money.

The player informed that her husband had bought the scratcher ticket from Lee’s Food Mart. The store she informed me is located at 32598 Wilderness Road (Jonesville). The ticket that her husband had bought belonged to the ‘Money’ scratcher game that is powered by the Virginia Lottery.

Carlene informed that when she first got to know about the win, she thought it was just some kind of joke. She said that her husband had bought the ticket and scratched it right away to see if there was any win or not. To the husband’s surprise, it was the jackpot that was waiting for him.

Carlene told that as soon as he got the opportunity, he called from the store to the house to inform her of the $2 million jackpot prize win. However, by that time, she had already heard about the win from her neighbors and their friends, who were already at the store.

Carlene said that they have been living in Jonesville for a long time and know almost everyone in that area. This is the reason why the news had spread all across the town and everyone was visiting them to congratulate them on their big win.

Carlene told when her husband came home, he asked me to come to the head office and claim the prize on his behalf.

The VA Lottery has revealed that there were three top prizes for $2 million each and the couple has claimed one. Therefore, there are still two top prizes laying around to be claimed.

The VA Lottery informed that the couple had the option of either accepting the $2 million prize in 30 yearly installments or go with the lump sum amount. The couple decided to go with the lump sum amount of $1.2 million after the government and federal tax deductions.

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