Lucky Co-Workers from Newark to Share $1,000,000 Mega Millions Prize


The largest lottery game in the United States, as well as the entire world, is back to share an astounding story of co-workers. The lottery officials have stated that the two lucky winners are co-workers and will be taking their friendship to the next level.

The lottery officials are super excited about the players winning the Mega Millions game and taking away a million dollars. The players had started working as normal colleagues in the same company. However, their interest brought them together, and soon, they decided to play the lottery games together.

They formed a tiny syndicate, and only two of them were members of the particular group. They had been playing lottery games for a very long time but they had never won any prize when playing independently.

However, as the players joined forces and started playing together, they ended up winning $1,000,000 playing the Mega Millions lottery. They are now among the list of Mega Millions of lottery players that have become millionaires playing the particular lottery game.

The Mega Millions lottery has revealed that the two players are workers at a manufacturing facility in Newark. Ever since they joined forces, they had been pooling money and purchasing five tickets for every Mega Millions draw.

The players revealed that they always went for the Quick Pick option when playing the Mega Millions lottery game. They always purchased their Mega Millions of tickets from Shop Rite located in Newark. The players were confident that one day they would end up winning huge prize money.

Finally, things went in their favor and one of the tickets ended up winning them a million dollars. The ticket they had purchased was for the lottery draw held on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

The officials have revealed that the lucky numbers drawn from the particular draw were 66-61-56-05-03 while the Mega Ball number was 04. Furthermore, the lottery operator also drew the multiplier option that was 2X. Unfortunately, the players had not selected the multiplier option when selecting the tickets.

If there was a multiplier option added to their tickets, they could have won $2,000,000 in the process. The players have successfully collected their prize money from the Delaware lottery’s headquarters on June 25, 2021.

According to the players, they did not like each other when they met each other for the first time. However, one day, one of the players heard the other one talking about the Mega Millions draw with other colleagues and since then, they have been playing games together.

The players get to split the million-dollar prize and both of them have won $500,000 each (exclusive of taxes).

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