Lucky Florida Lotto Player Wins $1,000,000 Playing a Major Scratch-off Game


The Florida Lotto is here to share the winning story of Angel Rodriguez Robles who has emerged victorious playing one of its major games. The victory has come to the player after such a long time and so many tickets he had purchased to find his fortune.

According to the player, he has hit the gold mine that he was in search of for a very long time. The details from the Florida Lotto have been shared to recognize the efforts of the player and his dedication/loyalty for the Florida Lotto.

The lottery officials are honored to be in the presence of such remarkable and admirable people. It is because of people like Angel that the Florida Lotto is constantly growing higher and higher. The lottery officials gain their motivation from such players who continue playing despite all the downfalls or problems.

The Florida Lotto team has confirmed that Rodriguez Robles is a 58-year-old resident of Orlando who has won huge prize money playing one of their top games. The name of the game is Gold Rush Supreme, but to make it catchy, the term “Billion Dollar” has been added before the name of the game.

The lottery team has confirmed that Rodriguez Robles successfully won $1,000,000 playing the particular game. The player submitted his lucky ticket at the headquarters of the Florida Lotto. The headquarters of the Florida Lotto is located in Tallahassee.

As per the lottery officials, the player was given both the options that every winner is given. He could either get his prize money paid in a single payment or in the form of installments. Rodriguez Robles chose to go for the one-time payment and took home $880,000, which is still a gorgeous amount.

Even a thousand-dollar prize seems like a jackpot when there is no energy spent in it. However, for Rodriguez Robles, the Florida Lotto is compelled to say that the player deserved it.

The player informed the officials that he has continued playing the Florida Lotto despite any ups and downs in his life. He stated that he even skipped on any hangouts with his friends just because he did not want to miss out on a single lottery game.

He kept trying the lottery games powered by the Florida Lotto, hoping that one day, he would find his gold mine. Finally, the player purchased the scratch-off ticket for the Gold Rush Supreme game that went in his favor. The player ended up winning a million and is among the list of players at the Florida Lotto who have won million-dollar prizes.

Rodriguez Robles revealed that he had purchased his lucky ticket from RaceTrac. The particular store is located at 6001 South John Young Parkway, Orlando. The winner has also helped the store receive a bonus commission of $2,000 for purchasing the lucky ticket.

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