Lucky Man from Kissimmee Won $1,000 Playing Florida Lotto


As per the latest reports, the Florida Lotto has shared around the winning a player has claimed to play one of its major games. The lottery official revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Dwayne McGee who is a 40-year-old gentleman from Kissimmee.

As per the Florida Lotto officials, McGee has won a huge prize playing the Florida Lotto. It is a prize that the lottery players pray to win once in their lives because it goes on forever. The lottery officials have revealed that McGee had gone for the “$1,000 A Week For Life”.

This particular game is one of the major scratch-off games powered by the Florida Lotto. The game lets the players choose between two options. The first option is having the prize money divided into installments for up to 10, 20, or 30 years, and receiving installments every week.

The second option is receiving the amount in full, which the majority of the players go for. The Florida Lotto officials have confirmed that McGee had gone for the latter option, receiving $930,000 prize money before tax deductions.

The officials have confirmed that McGee had visited the headquarters for the Florida Lotto based in Tallahassee to receive his prize money.

According to the Florida Lotto, McGee had purchased his lucky ticket from Hiawassee Lotto & Food. The officials have confirmed that the particular store is located at 717 North Hiawassee Road, Orlando. The lucky store is also eligible for receiving a bonus commission of $2,000 for selling the lucky ticket to the customers.

The player informed the officials that he has been playing the Florida Lotto for a very long time. It has been over a decade he has been playing the Florida Lotto games. The player stated that before going for the Week for Life game, he was playing draw games.

However, the games were not bringing him much luck and prizes. McGee stated that he is very fortunate that he has been winning prizes almost every other month. This is the reason why he was always confident that he would win a prize when he switched to the “$1,000 A Week For Life” game.

McGee stated that he is lucky he made the decision of moving to the Week for Life game and won a huge prize. Whether a jackpot or not, for him, the $930,000 prize money he has received is a jackpot prize for him.

He will be able to do so much with the money he has won playing the Florida Lotto. He stated that the money is going to get him a nice house, then a nice Tesla Sedan. The player stated that he is going to use the majority of the money for crypto-investments.

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