Lucky Player From Northamptonshire England Wins £67,000 Euromillions Prize

£67,000 National Lottery prize

£67,000 Winner!

A £67,000 Euromillions prize has been won by a lucky player in England. This lucky player claimed the £67,440 prize that he got in the Euromillions game from April 22 2016. If he had waited few days later before coming forward to claim the prize and missed the October 19 deadline, the prize winnings would have have been lost!

5 Matching Numbers

The winner has matched all of the 5 main lottery drawing numbers and matched none of the Lucky Star numbers that were drawn in that particular drawing, the winning numbers were: 17, 26, 32, 34, 43 and the Lucky Star winning numbers were 2 and 10, but his ticket did not match them.

This serves as an important reminder that all players check their tickets on the day of the draw as to not miss out on any winnings. This amount of money is surely life changing and it would have been awful if the winner had found out about his lost winnings just a few days later. So remember to check your tickets on the day of the draw!

The odds of matching the 5 numbers in a Euromillions draw are 1 in 3,107,515 and the average prize money for this type of win is €81,057.

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