Man Playing Virginia Lottery Wins $250,000


There are millions of people playing lottery games throughout the United States and more keep adding to the games every single day. However, there are only a handful of people who actually end up winning the prizes.

There are so many people around the world who buy lottery tickets with hopes to at least win a fragment of a lottery prize. But things never go in their favor and all they end up doing is spend their money on the lottery games for the rest of their lives.

Then come those who always have the stars and the moon shining on them. They are always blessed with happiness and opportunities along the way. Even the slightest of the chances they take, they end up winning something.

However, these opportunities may also come into play after a long time. There may be a lot of struggles and investments involved before people start finding the fruits of success.

This is exactly what happened to a man from Orange County who has found himself to be the luckiest person in the entire state. A person winning a lottery game once is called lucky, but what would you call a person who ends up winning lottery games more than once.

The name of the winner is Edward Jarrell who went on a winning streak and finally earned a huge reward. Jarrell, who is from the Orange County told the entire story in his own words and shared his experience with the Virginia Lottery.

Jarrell was too excited and thrilled at his recent win and wanted to share his experience with the entire lottery community. With his story, he wanted to encourage the entire lottery community, giving them hope that they can also be the ones to win huge prizes.

He informed that he is a regular Virginia Lottery player and had been trying his luck for a very long time. There were many occasions where he ran out of money and started thinking he was just wasting his resources. However, he never lost hope and kept playing thinking that one day would be in his favor.

Jarrell stated that just recently, the luck was in his favor when he won a $55 prize from the Virginia Lottery. From the same money, he purchased a few more tickets and ended up winning a $10 prize. Then he purchased a couple of tickets from the $10 prize money and won the $250,000 prize money from one of them.

Jarrell informed the lottery officials that he was filled with joy that he had finally won a huge prize and would be able to change his life forever. The player had purchased the Cash-King Scratcher game ticket that is backed by the Virginia Lottery.

He had purchased the tickets from the Corner Exxon that is located at 233 Caroline Street (Orange County).

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