Mega Millions’ $108 Million has found its Rightful Winners


The Mega Millions lottery officials are here with one of the largest announcements of the year 2021 and also in the history of the lottery industry. The announcement is in regards to the $108 million prize that was on the line.

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Luckily, a family has finally managed to claim the jackpot prize money that had been rolling for quite some time now. According to the officials, the family had participated in the Friday, October 22, 2021 draw for the Mega Millions game.

The game had successfully produced a winner for the jackpot prize but the winners had not shown up until October 28, 2021, to claim their prize money.

The officials did have it in their knowledge that a ticket matching the jackpot prize numbers was found. However, it was not confirmed exactly who had purchased the ticket that was one of the most valued tickets in the year 2021.

The officials had revealed that the lucky winner was from the state of Arizona but it wasn’t known who the winner exactly was.

However, the family finally showed up confirming that they had the ticket in their possession. The family is reportedly from the North Lake Havasu City in Arizona. The family confirmed that they had purchased the ticket for the particular draw on October 20, 2021.

Although it was just something they did out of the fun when they went out for dinner, yet it has changed their lives forever. The family stated that the money is going to go into their generations because they are going to spend it wisely and not waste a single dime.

The family confirmed that they had purchased their lucky $108 million prize-winning tickets from Desert Martini Bar. The particular facility is located at 2120 McCulloch Boulevard, North Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The family has requested to keep their identities completely anonymous and do not share them with anyone. The Arizona law permits the winners of the prizes to keep their identities completely secret.

The Desert Martini Bar is also entitled to a bonus commission for selling the jackpot prize selling the ticket. The bonus commission they are going to receive from the Mega Millions of officials is worth $50,000.

The family reportedly matched all the numbers on the ticket to win the prize money. The family successfully won the jackpot prize money, and they could either go for an annuity plan or go for a one-time lump sum.

The family went for the latter option and took home a prize worth $75.2 million before taxes. The lottery executives have also congratulated the family for their winning. The family is really excited and has decided that they are going to spend a few million on their trips and other adventure.

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Then, the rest of the money will go towards savings and investments so they can increase the amount instead of losing it on an annual basis.

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