Neighbors Celebrate as they Win in People’s Postcode Lottery


Friends and neighbors from a Leicestershire village are celebrating together as they managed to scoop up a lottery prize of £210,000. Thanks to the People’s Postcode Lottery, the seven people managed to land a prize of £30,000 each. They belong to Earl Shilton, near Hinckley and LE9 7JY, their Masefield Postcode, was announced as the winner. 45-year-old Joanne Green and 40-year-old Suzy Hawkins are friends and they were amongst the winners. The two found out their prize amount at the same time. Danyl Johnson, the lottery ambassador left the two pals stunned when he presented them with their prize cheques. 

Joanne said that she was shocked because she hadn’t expected this at all and didn’t know what she was going to do with the prize. Suzy said that it was amazing and very difficult to explain because she hasn’t won anything this big before. She disclosed that the two had begun to play the lottery after her father’s neighbors had gotten a prize. Joanne said that she had also followed Suzy because she wanted to win if her friend did too. 

Suzy nearly lost out on the win, as the family had been ready to move earlier this year away from the winning postcode. She said that they had sold the house in March, but had decided to pull out for a few reasons and just wanted to leave it out for a bit. She said that they were lucky to have stayed. She is planning on using the prize to help her family with a long-awaited holiday. She disclosed that they had a holiday booked for Florida that had been postponed for two years. Suzy said that now she, her partner, and their four kids were going to go. She said that they would go to Universal Studios and Disney and all the theme parks, so they all would have a memorable trip.

Joanne was also planning a holiday for celebrating a special anniversary. She said that they may also have a family holiday because they hadn’t gone anywhere for two years, so it was time to do something special. She said that she and her husband had gotten married in St. Lucia 15 years ago and had always wanted to go back. Joanne said that they may have to wait till next year, but they could hopefully return to the same resort where they got married. 

63-year-old Dawn Bennett was another winner from the same street to receive a prize. She said that she wasn’t sure of where she would spend her prize. She said she wanted to put the winnings in the bank just look at it. Dawn said she would treat her kids and also go back to Iceland and take the kids along for a nice holiday. She also added that she wanted to use some of the winnings to treat her grandchildren. She said her granddaughter wanted a horse, but she wasn’t sure if that would come. 

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