No Jackpot Win in Monday Night’s Powerball Lottery Draw

The latest Powerball Lottery draw took place on Monday, March 13th, 2023 and it had a jackpot of about $53 million, after it had been previously estimated to be around $52 million.

No jackpot win

The winning numbers that were drawn in the Monday night Powerball lottery draw were 03, 10, 24, 46 and 63, while 04 was the Powerball number and 2X was the Power Play.

Unfortunately, none of the players on Monday night were able to match the numbers required for winning the Powerball lottery jackpot, which means it will now roll over.

The next Powerball Lottery drawing is scheduled to happen on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 and it will now have a jackpot of $63 million that will come with a cash value of $33.2 million.

The jackpot had last been claimed in the Powerball Lottery drawing that was conducted on March 4th that saw a single ticketholder from Virginia match all the six numbers to land the prize.

The lucky winner was able to bag the jackpot worth $162.6 million, which had a cash option of $82.7 million.

Smaller wins

Even though there were no winners for the grand prize in the Powerball Lottery draw on Monday night, there was one player who managed to become an instant millionaire.

A lucky winner from Ohio was able to hit the Match 5, which saw them win a prize of $1 million. However, since they had also bought the Power Play option with their ticket, they were able to double their winnings to $2 million.

Furthermore, there were other notable prize wins in the Monday night Powerball Lottery draw all over the country.

There were a total of eight players who were able to hit the Match 4 as well as the Powerball number, which saw them win a prize of $50,000 each.

However, since none of the players had bought the Power Play option with their ticket, they were not able to double their winnings to $100,000 each.

The rest of the prizes that were won in Monday night’s Powerball lottery drawing were between $4 and $200.

Previous wins

The latest Powerball lottery draw comes after two players were able to land prizes in Saturday night’s drawing worth $50,000 each.

The two players belonged to New York and one of them had bought their winning ticket in Manhattan between 38th and 39th street on Broadway from the Kishor Parekh newsstand.

The other ticket had been bought in the area of Newburgh of Orange County from Smokes 4 Less.

The Powerball lottery can be played in 45 states, three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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