South Carolina’s Mega Millions Lottery Prize of $5 Million Goes to Chester Couple

This couple is the biggest winner to date of the South Carolina’s Mega Millions lottery. They cashed in their winning ticket of $5 million and after taxes walked away with $3.4 million.

It is reported that they haven’t told their children about their good fortune and they haven’t slept much since their big win; they have not been identified by lottery officials.

It was on Saturday that they discovered that they won; while the boyfriend was taking in the groceries he heard his girlfriend screaming, “You’ve won, you’ve won!” She then repeated the winning numbers which were 56, 53, 51, 41, 17; the numbers he’s played for years. It took quite awhile for it to register.

Kangaroo Express, 1801 JA Cochran Bypass is where the lucky ticket was purchased and it happens to be the third million dollar ticket sold in Chester. The store will receive a commission of $50,000 for selling the winning ticket.

This couple plan to enjoy life and complete payments on their home.

“I had a feeling I would win”, reported the boyfriend which he remarked might sound quite odd.

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