Stephanie Ward Wins $1 Million In Colorado’s Second Vaccine Incentive Lottery Draw


The recent winner of Colorado’s vaccine incentive lottery won a whopping sum of $1 million.

While some states of the US have just started the vaccine incentive lottery programs, Colorado has already got its second winner as well. The winner is Stephanie Ward who is a resident of the state qualified for the lottery drawing. Her name automatically made it to the draw after she, her husband, and her children got their vaccination.

It is a very momentous and joyous day for her entire family as she becomes a millionaire overnight. Who could have thought that just one vaccine could make them win the fortune of their life? A step towards protection against Covid-19 brings you a step closer to the lottery prize.

Stephanie Ward revealed that initially, her entire family did not wish to get the vaccine shots. However, they must now be applauding their decision of going forward with the vaccine and getting inoculated. She told that it was the thought that the benefits outweighed the fears they had that actually helped them take the vaccine. Had they decided against it Stephanie might not have got the job that day and become part of the drawing that made her win.

The state has $3 million in lottery prizes remaining which shall be distributed amongst three winners with each getting $1 million. As part of the vaccine incentive program in the coming weeks, there shall be three more lottery drawings.

The first winner of the vaccine incentive lottery was a healthcare worker from Weld County who also won $1 million after getting vaccinated.

These lottery incentives have really helped states maintain a positive rate of people that have been getting vaccinations. Ever since the first announcement of the lottery win, Colorado has witnessed an increase of 8% in coronavirus vaccinations.

Governor Jared Polis in a statement commented that just getting vaccinated makes you a winner. This is true because even if you don’t win the lottery you are at least at a lower risk of contracting the deadly virus.

Polis reminded residents to get vaccinated as soon as possible in order to enjoy these lottery prizes. Those who want to be eligible for the next lottery drawing must get vaccinated by the end of this week. In order to qualify for the draw, all one has to do is to get vaccinated and they are automatically registered for the drawing.

The lottery programs have been such a success that many states have gradually started adopting them. The positive growth in the number of vaccinated people has given hope that things can go back to normal sooner than later. Apart from Colorado other states like Washington, Arkansas, Ohio, California, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Oregon, and West Virginia have also adopted lottery incentives. Maryland’s first vaccine lottery winner was from Baltimore which Ohio’s was from Cleveland.

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