The Luckiest Man from Entire Australia Wins $80 Million Powerball Jackpot Prize


The AU Powerball Lottery is here to share the exciting winning claimed by a lucky player from North Melbourne. The lottery officials are very excited that the lucky player has managed to win the jackpot prize for the AU Powerball Lottery.

According to the officials, a jackpot prize is something that hardly anyone wins. The jackpot prize is the rarest of all wins claimed by the players. Therefore, it is truly remarkable that a lucky player from North Melbourne has managed to win huge prize money for the AU Powerball Lottery.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the draw for the particular AU Powerball game was held on Thursday, August 12, 2021. The lottery operator has also confirmed that it was the draw number 1317 for the AU Powerball that the player had participated in.

Luckily for the player, he managed to match all lucky numbers to win the jackpot prize of $80 million. As there are no taxes implemented on lottery prizes in Australia, he will get to keep the $80 million figure to himself.

The player was mind-blown, as he had never expected that his life would even take a turn like that. He was crying when he contacted the officials to let them know about his winning ticket. The player informed the officials that he is a cleaner by profession.

Even though he was a cleaner, he always saved money in order to buy tickets for the Powerball games. He continued playing lottery games despite all the ups and downs in his life. He knew that someday, he would win a prize that would change his life forever.

Although the player had the hope, he had never hoped of winning such a huge jackpot prize money playing the Powerball Lottery.

The player is now among the handful of people that have won a multi-million dollar prize money playing the Powerball Lottery. It is an amount that highly paid celebrities and the most famous athletes work their entire lives to earn.

However, the North Melbourne player has won it within a week. The player stated that he had purchased the ticket for the particular draw a week earlier. So technically, it just took him just a week to win the jackpot and become one of the wealthiest in North Melbourne.

The winner, keeping his identity anonymous, informed the officials that he had purchased his ticket from the Powerball’s online portal. The number he had selected on the ticket was 21-23-19-26-4-10-17, and the bonus ball was 7. Fortunately, the player matched them all and ended up winning the jackpot prize of $80 million.

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