Three Friends Land EuroMillions Prize after Forming a Syndicate in College


Last month, a group of three friends were able to land a prize of £1 million from a special EuroMillions draw, after they had formed a syndicate when they were in college.

They were attending the Coleg y Cymoedd six years ago when they decided to form a syndicate because a group a year ahead of them had managed to land a prize of £5,000, thanks to the National Lottery.

The syndicate

25-year old Kyle Bowen and Dan Phillips and 28-year old Alex Gwynne had decided to form a syndicate after their lecturer had made a joke about them doing so.

Therefore, they decide to go ahead with it and since then, the three friends have been playing the lottery together.

Now, Kyle, Dan and Alex are celebrating their win on February 3rd, 2023 that landed them a prize of £1 million in the EuroMillions European Millionaire Maker draw.

Alex is the syndicate leader and he said that due to the apprenticeships they had done through the college, all three of them are enjoying good careers.

But, he said that considering his bank account now, it shows that the advice that they had gotten from their lecturer about forming a National Lottery syndicate might have been the best one ever.

The win

Alex revealed that he had decided to purchase a few tickets for the special draw, which made 100 millionaires in a single night.

He had used the National Lottery App for buying the tickets and said that he had learnt about the win the next morning when he found an email informing him of the same.

He logged into his National Lottery account immediately and had been disappointed initially because it only showed a win of £2.40.

However, when he scrolled down to the tickets of the syndicate, he had first seen £1,000, but had then realized that the sum was actually £1 million.

The reaction

Alex revealed that he had been stunned to see the prize. He said that he also manages a band along with his day job.

He had been heading to Cardiff when a friend’s father had told him about the EuroMillions draw. Therefore, he had bought a few tickets for himself and for the syndicate through the National Lottery App.

He had not really thought about it and went to Cardiff. Next morning, he had been lying on his bed, waiting for his child to wake up and scrolling his phone when he came across the email.

The father of one shared the news with his partner, who was equally shocked, and then shared the news with the others via a WhatsApp group.

According to Alex, the win could not have come at a better time for the three friends as they are moving forward in their life and are making long-term future plans.

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