Three New York Lottery Tickets win Prizes Totaling $103,611.5


Once again, the New York Lottery has found the opportunity to make it to the top of the lottery news with their latest report. The NY Lottery officials are here with an exciting announcement where they will be talking about three different tickets.

The officials are excited that all three tickets have won decent prizes playing the NY Lottery games. All three draws were different and proved lucky for the lottery players from New York State.

The officials have revealed all the details they could provide in order to find the rightful winners. So far, the winners of the prizes have not appeared to claim their prize monies.

Traditionally, the winners of the prizes come up to claim their prizes in a day or two. This time, however, the players have taken longer than usual, so the NY Lottery officials are a bit concerned.

To get to the winners, the lottery team has shared the details of the draw and the stores where the tickets were purchased from.

According to the New York Lottery officials, the first ticket purchased for the New York Lottery game was for the draw held back on August 28, 2021. Several players managed to win different prizes from the game. However, there was only one ticket that won the top prize playing the August 28 draw.

The particular for the NY Lottery was held on August 28 in the evening, which won the top prize player prize money worth $44,222. The player had reportedly purchased the ticket from a 7-Eleven Store. The particular store is located at 6802 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls.

The second ticket purchased for the New York Lottery game was also for the August 28, 2021 draw. However, the particular draw was held at midday instead of the evening. Again, several players won prizes playing the game but one ticket managed to win the top prize money playing the game.

According to NY Lottery officials, the particular ticket has won its owner prize money worth $21,731.50. The particular ticket was reportedly sold from David’s Deli Grocery Shop. The particular shop is located at 2336 1st Avenue, Manhattan.

The third ticket purchased for the New York Lottery game was for the draw held on August 29, 2021. The particular draw had taken place on the evening of August 29, 2021. In the list of several winners from the particular game, only one ticket has won the top prize money.

The officials have revealed that the prize money won by the player through the lucky ticket is $37,658. The ticket for the particular game was reportedly purchased from Hylan Gasoline Inc. The particular station is located at 2111 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island.

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