Two Lucky Players from Melbourne have won $2.8 Million Each Playing The Lott


The Lott is here to share details of lucky players from Melbourne who have won huge lottery prizes playing the Superdraw. The officials are very excited for the players as they have won huge prizes and will be able to change their lives forever.

The Lott officials are glad that they have helped changed the lives of many players but the two winners from Melbourne had their stories to share.

The lottery team has revealed that the lucky players from Melbourne have won $2.8 million each from the Saturday, September 4 draw. Apart from these two players, five more players won the division one prize from the game taking home $2.8 million each.

The officials have confirmed that the first winner is from Hastings who is now eager to take his family for a long trip. The family is going to have a lot of fun with the $2.8 million prize money they have won playing the game.

The Lott officials have revealed that the winning family from Hastings will be taking a tour of entire Australia. They are going to have a lot of fun, experiencing an adventure trip to Australia. The winner informed the officials that the first thing she is going to do is to buy a caravan for the family.

Then they are going to be on the road without any worries back at home. They will have no worries of anyone losing their job because they were not able to show for work and other stuff. The officials have confirmed that the family has won $2,857,142.86 playing the game.

The player has informed the officials that at the minimum, the trip is going to be for an entire month. Even though her family comes back, she still plans to go beyond the Australian adventure. She may go visit other parts of the world that she always wanted to visit.

The player has informed the officials that she had purchased her lucky ticket from Lucky Lotto & News – Hastings. The particular store is located at Shop 2 Aldi Centre, 9 Queen Street, Hastings.

Then the second winner from Melbourne was a resident from Mornington. The player reportedly woke up his entire neighborhood on Sunday, September 5, morning with his shouts and yells. The player told the officials that he was unable to control his shouts of joy when he found out he had won $2.8 million playing the game.

The player informed the officials that he has been living in a rented house for as long as he can remember. Now, it is time to move to a better and peaceful neighborhood, and the prize money is going to make it happen for him.

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